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Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions (polices) below apply to all your purchases from MrTill Australia. They can contain very important information about your legal rights and obligations, including legal limitations and exclusions that apply to you. By accepting delivery of any product delivered from MrTill ("MrTill Australia"), you ("Customer / Consumer") agree to be bound by the terms and conditions listed below. You and MrTill Australia agree that the following terms and conditions are the exclusive terms governing the sales transaction between Customer and MrTill Australia. Any attempt to alter, supplement, modify or amend these terms and conditions by the Customer will be considered a material alteration of this agreement and, therefore, are null and void. In addition, these terms and conditions are subject to change at any time, without prior written notice. Therefore, please check these terms and conditions carefully each time you place an order with or accept delivery of any goods from MrTill Australia.

Terms and Conditions

We do not normally give refunds/ exchanges if you:

• Simply change your mind, or

• Purchased the wrong product, or

• Already knew of a particular fault, or

• The goods are damaged after the purchase as a result of your personal abuse or use outside the specified use indicated by the manufacturer, or

• No proof of purchase is provided


We do provide refund / exchange / credit / repair where goods:

• Are faulty

• Have been incorrectly described to you

• Do not do what they are supposed to

• That have been sent to you were different as what you ordered


Warranty or a claim on goods

Please note if the product is deemed NO FAULT FOUND for any warranty claim, a service fee up to $50 with any additional shipping charges will be applied; and any inspection / rejection fees by the relevant authorized service centre may also be applied. For any products or goods. 

Eligible for a refund

To be eligible for a refund, return or warranty claim, consumers must meet the following requirements:

• Report the details of the fault back to MrTill via email  as soon as possible

• State what remedy you would like

• Provide proof of purchase when returning the goods and a scanned copy of purchase or email.

• Stop using the faulty item

• Ensure reasonable care is taken while the goods are in your possession.

• Be sure that you did not cause the fault ie.fault was not caused by being used in an abnormal way. Such a use may be noted in the warranty as rendering it void, or it may be a use that you wouldn't reasonably expect the product to perform

• Not disposed of, lost or destroyed. In other words, we need to be able to prove that the product has failed

• Not have reduced in value by delay on the customer's part. Customers should bring faults to MrTill's attention soon after they occur.

Rejection of a return, a refund or warranty claim

MrTill reserves the right to reject a return, a refund or warranty claims if consumers:

• Change their mind about a product. This includes when a consumer has found a cheaper product elsewhere, has bought a gift that is unsuitable, or their circumstances have changed and they no longer require the goods

• Caused the fault by being used in an abnormal way. Such a use may be noted in the warranty as rendering it void, or it may be a use that you wouldn't reasonably expect the product to perform

• Are unable to provide a proof of purchase namely a tax invoice.

• Are responsible for damaging the goods by not following the instructions, or misusing the product

Restocking products

In some circumstances, we are happy to offer our consumers with the conditional courtesy return if consumers want to exchange products purchased incorrectly:

• Customer notifies MrTill  within 7 days of receipt of delivery of the product

• The products are not opened, used and are still in pristine condition

• Customer accepts a minimum restocking fee of 20% of the purchase price

• MrTill  may reject the return upon inspecting the condition of the products and will return the products to the customer at the customer’s expense

How do I receive my refund or MrTill Dollar (store credit)?

Any refund will be given to the customer in the same payment method that the customer used to purchase the item. For example, customers cannot ask for a cash refund if they did not pay cash for their order. Please note refunds can take up to 10 business days to process.

In some circumstances a customer may only be entitled to a partial refund, for example, where the fault was not brought to the attention of the trader within a reasonable amount of time after the fault was discovered. If the customer has already had a reasonable amount of use from the goods, there may only be a partial refund.


Returning goods to MrTIll

Mrtill do not take responsibility for any goods damaged or lost in transit when customer sends the product back to us for warranty or return, and also the warranty may be void if the product is damaged in transit. So please ensure the product is packed appropriately for shipping before sending it back to us.

For RTB (return to base) warranty claims: customers are required to send the unit back to Mrtill or to the authorized service centre with proof of purchase and a detailed fault description.

For Manufacturer direct warranty claims: customers are recommended to contact the manufacturer for expert technical support & warranty assistance, to lodge warranty claims and organize pickup or delivery. Please note, MrTill do not provide pickup services on behalf of the manufacturer/3rd party service centres. Please read manufacturer’s warranty cards/manuals for additional information regarding support and warranty.

Special Orders, Clearance, Discontinued Items, Free products, Software and Consumable Products

MrTill do not accept the return or exchange if consumers

• simply changed their mind

• or made a wrong decision/purchase

• or no longer require due to changed personal circumstances

• or found the product cheaper somewhere else

• or the goods are damaged due to misuse

A limited warranty may also apply for clearance, discontinued, or free product. Please read the product description or contact us for more details if you are unsure whether a product within the category above has limited warranty or not.


Warranties wa

Before any warranty claim, consumers are requested to make sure the product is:

• not affected by being used incorrectly or in an abnormal way. Such a use may be noted in the warranty as rendering it void, or it may be a use that you wouldn't reasonably expect the product to perform

• not disposed of, lost or destroyed. In other words, there needs to be proof that the product has failed

• not reduced in value by delay on the customer's part. Customers should bring faults to MrTill’s attention soon after they occur.

MrTill is not a manufacturer or authorized service centre, therefore it is highly recommended that customers contact the manufacturer's technical support directly for any troubleshooting or technical support advice before you return the product to us for a warranty claim. Most of these manufacturer provided support services are generally free and will provide you expert technical advice and if deemed faulty then a tech support case number is assigned and could expedite the warranty process when lodging a warranty claim with MrTill or directly with the manufacturer.

Some manufacturers provide onsite or pickup and delivery services as is most common with warranty services for notebooks and LCD monitors. These direct manufacturer services, in general, allow for a quicker turnaround of warranty claims.

Due to the Privacy Act, MrTill cannot apply for a warranty claim on the customer's behalf directly with the manufacturer.

If the manufacturer directs you to return the product back to us then you should contact us via admin@mrtill.com.au to  lodge a warranty request


Please note: The actual warranty process may vary for different manufacturers and/or suppliers, so we cannot provide an accurate timeframe of how long the process will take for a particular product in the first instance. Status updates are provided once further information is received from the manufacturers, their service centre or agents.

MrTill also reserves the right to apply any service fees for any warranty claims to cover all costs incurred including inbound & return freight, supplier/manufacturer service fees etc if the returned product is found to be not covered by warranty, warranty has expired, or no fault is found or the item was physically damaged.

Ordering Policy

Front Door Pick Up and Order Policy

We are purely an online store only and therefore function differently from a traditional retail store

The following Policy is applied to help us help you.

• All orders and payments are to be placed online only

• We do not serve off the street walk in customers

• If required, you may use the front desk terminal to place an order on our site

• An administration fee of $5.00 will be applied if you require assistance

All goods are delivered there is no pickup


Delivery & Return Policy

Your total cost for purchase of any product will include shipping and handling charges shown on the MrTill Australia invoice and before you place your order online.

Please note that customers are responsible for all freight charges for re-deliveries, incorrect delivery details and these are added to the invoice total.

Items unavailable (no stock)

Any items that are unavailable will be placed on back order, and the remainder of your order will be part shipped upon request. Your product(s) will be promptly shipped as soon as the product arrives. No additional shipping fees will be charged.

Your account will be charged for the entire order, so that MrTill can reserve the product and price for you. If this is not acceptable, you may cancel that portion of the order, and request an immediate credit

Risk of Loss

MrTill Australia will arrange for shipment of ordered product(s) to the Customer, Free On Board (F.O.B.) shipping point, meaning title to the product(s) -- excepting software-- and risk of loss passes to the Customer upon delivery to the carrier. MrTill Australia reserves a purchase money security interest in the product(s) until its receipt of the full amount due. Customer agrees to allow MrTill Australia to sign appropriate documents on Customer's behalf to permit MrTill Australia to protect its purchase money security interest. Title to software will remain with the licensor(s). All software is provided subject to the license agreement of the software maker. Customer agrees to be bound by any software license agreement once the seal on the package is broken. MrTill Australia will advise Customer of estimated shipping dates, but MrTill Australia will, under no circumstances, be responsible for delays in delivery, and associated damages, due to events beyond its reasonable control, including without limitation, acts of God or public enemy, acts of federal, state or local government, fire, floods, civil disobedience, strikes, lockouts, and freight embargoes.

Payment Ways & Terms

Orders: An order is not binding upon MrTill Australia until it is accepted & approved by MrTill Australia; MrTill Australia must receive payment before it will accept, approve & process an order. Payment for product(s) ordered is due prior to shipment & back orders (pre-order).

MrTill Australia only accept payments made by;

• Credit or Debit Card

• Paypal

Please note orders have not been paid or process within 10 days will be automatically cancelled.

Price Protection

Our website is updated frequently to ensure that you'll view the latest products and correct pricing available, and that you receive all of the latest savings. At the time you make a purchase you agree to the listed price and that price are subject to change in some circumstances. These circumstances can occur when stock runs out of a particular product, or when specials ends etc.

We are unable to make a price adjustment after an order has been shipped. However, if you notify MrTill Australia prior to the shipment of your order, we would be happy to make the price adjustment for you. Please note, that maybe misprints and human errors,

MrTill reserve the right to make changes and corrections in prices, products and specifications without notice.


Product Images and other Images

All product images on MrTill Australia website may vary from the actual product. All typographical errors are subject to correction. Please note that images are only to be used as a point of reference.


Product Descriptions and Specifications

Please be assured that MrTill make every effort to ensure product description accuracy, however specifications, features, documents and graphics published may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. If an error is made or a product is listed at an incorrect price, MrTill shall maintain the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed.


Webcrawlers (MyShopping, StaticIce, Google etc)

MrTill.com.au does not accept any responsibility for errors made by companies such as MyShopping, StaticIce etc who retrieve data from our site and list it on their own. It is the end users responsibility to ensure that what they are ordering is correct. If you have any questions concerning a product please do not hesitate to contact us, please keep in mind we do not refund or exchange for incorrect purchases.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Any dispute arising out of or related to these Terms and Conditions or the sales transaction between MrTill Australia and Customer shall be governed by the laws of the State of Western Australia or as defined by the Fair Trading Act, without regard to its conflicts of law rules. The Customer also agrees not to bring any legal action, based upon any legal theory including contract, tort, and equity or otherwise, against MrTill Australia that is more than one year after the date of the applicable invoice. 



If any provision contained in this agreement is or becomes invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in whole or in part, such invalidity, illegality, or unenforceability shall not affect the remaining provisions and portions of this agreement, and the invalid, illegal, or unenforceable provision shall be deemed modified so as to have the most similar result that is valid and enforceable under applicable law.



The failure of either party to require performance by the other party of any provision of this agreement shall not affect in any way the first party's right to require such performance at any time thereafter. Any waiver by either party of a breach of any provision in this agreement shall not be taken or held by the other party to be a continuing waiver of that provision unless such waiver is made in writing.


Entire Agreement

These terms and conditions, together with the MrTill Australia's invoice respecting the products ordered by Customer, are the complete and exclusive agreement between MrTill Australia and Customer, and they supersede all prior or contemporaneous proposals, oral or written, understandings, representations, conditions, warranties, and all other communications between MrTill Australia and Customer relating to the subject products. This agreement may not be explained or supplemented by any prior course of dealings or trade by custom or usage. 


Limitation of Liability